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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Best Android Productivity apps of 2019 l Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019

Best Android Productivity apps of 2019 l Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019

The number of apps in the Google Play Store has full-grown to about 3.5 million by December 2018 and 2019. In a meanwhile, there are multiple apps with the same functionalities but different names😊.
So, instead of trying all of them let we have saved some time by gathering this list of best free and paid Android apps of all time. These are also some of the important Android apps that you should have on your Android device in 2019.
Note: I have made this list keeping user ratings, app features, and popularity in mind. You feel free to choose any other alternative app that suits your requirement.

Best Android Apps You Should Use In 2019

1. Nova Launcher

Also presented in: Best Android Launchers

In the list of best android apps of 2018-2018 Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers exist in on the Play Store for many years. The launcher is smooth, fast, trivial and comes with tons of customization. Also, there are several icon packs available in the Google Play Store to change its looks.
Nova Launcher cares app-drawer customization, it has a notification badges, scroll able dock, folder and icon customization, and packs around a dozen gestures for easy navigation in addition. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.The launcher app is free to download, but its prime version reveals a lot of other features including some locked motions.
Download Nova Launcher from

2. Google Assistant

Also presented in: Best Android Assistants
Google Assistant is an AI private assistant that allows users to navigate, connect, and get a lot of things done. You can also use the Google assistant on your Android phone or iOS devices to trigger apps, ask any questions, play games, make plans, etc. including these 30+ Super Useful Voice Commands.
It works on smoothly every smartphone regardless of the producer. On some devices, you can even unlock your phone screen using the Google voice feature. And if you use Google services like Search, Chrome etc, you will get modified results upon a search. Now days, Google has broken a lot of features in Google Assistant app. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.
Download Google Assistant from

3. Swiftkey

Also presented in: Best Android Keyboards

SwiftKey keyboard is trusted by over 255 million users worldwide. It uses artificial intelligence (AI technology) that enables it to learn and acceptably predict what the user intends to type.
Swiftkey features auto correct and gesture typing for quicker input. Also, there is an inbuilt GIF search engine, a wide range of themes and is a brilliant keyboard for fluent folks.
Swiftkey does not store data from password fields and sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Overall, Swiftkey will improve your typing experience and is a must-have app on your Android device. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.
Download swiftkey from

4. Google Duo

Also presented in: Best Video Calling Apps

Google Duo is one of the best videos calling apps for Android with a simple interface. It’s quite easy to login and verify your number, and you can make quick video calls just like making a normal phone call. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.
Its exclusive “Knock Knock” feature lets you have a live screening of the caller before you receive the call. One can also leave video messages to the other person if he/she is not available at the instant.Google Duo is one of the most general apps and is available on Android and iOS.
Download google duo from

5. Evernote

Also presented in: Best Android Note Taking Apps

Evernote is a cross-platform application for 2019 to take notes in a variety of formats, including text, photos, audio, video, sketches and more. It is one tool you need to keep yourself planned in today’s confused life.
It syncs across all your devices to enable workflow. Evernote also has home-screen widgets for quick access to your records. It is the most useful android apps in daily life.  It is one of the important Android apps for every and each user.
Although Google Keep is also a decent Android app, Evernote beautifully pleasing interface and overly amount of functions make it a very unique productivity app.
Download evernote from

6. WPS Office

Also presented in: Best Android Office Apps

WPS is a free Office Suite app with all-in-one features. It is fully well-suited with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and integrates PDF, memo,presentations, spreadsheets , Google docs, etc.
The app has also equipped with a free PDF converter, editor, reader, along with file sharing abilities, supports multi-window mode, data encryption, etc. It is spontaneous and easy to use, and you can also connect to the Cloud Drive to automatically save your documents to the cloud platform. General, it is one of the top Android office apps.
Download wps office from

7. Google News

Also presented in: Best Android News Apps
Google News app is known for transporting relevant news in the news feed by using A.I systems.
Google News Android app show “FOR YOU” tab which shows changed news and tapping on “full coverage” showcase same news story reported by different originators, highlighting all the viewpoints.
In the Newsstand section, you can contribute to different news sources and magazines. It is the most useful android apps in daily life. The interesting part about Google News app is that it has huge database of news sources which means even the less known media publishers can be found the app.
Download google news
8. ES File Explorer
Also presented in: Best File Explorer Apps

ES File Explorer is one of the widespread Android file manager apps with all the required features. It comes with a Space Analyzer to help your free up space on your device.
Sharing media with other ES File Explorer handlers over WIFI is very easy. ES File Manager comes with an App Manager where you can uninstall/backup apps. Even you can uninstall system apps with root rights. It’s “Root Explorer” feature unlocks a lot of functionalities for rooted devices.
However, the app shows a lot of disturbing ads and is meant at power users. I have freshly discovered that Files Go from Google is also a very cool Android app for managing storage. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.

9. Google Drive

Google Drive is a huge cloud storage service that gives you free space to store and access your files in the cloud platform. It is the most useful android apps in daily life. You can browse through all the files and folders you saved in your Drive and share, download, move, rename or print any files from the application. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.
It also includes Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, where you can edit documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, etc. and save them in the Drive.
Users can have access to 15 GB of free space across Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. It is the most useful android apps in daily life. This is one of the must have Android apps that help you keep your valued files backed up on the cloud for free.
Download google drive

10. WhatsApp

Also presented in: Best Messaging Apps for Android

WhatsApp is a free, instant messaging app where users can interconnect with one another using the phone’s internet service. It is the most useful android apps in daily life. It is one of the highest Android apps in Pakistan or even in the world.
It provides you the facility to send text messages and voice messages, share links, images, and location, make video calls, etc. to any other user worldwide. It is one between secure Android messaging apps and is also accessible from a desktop environment. It is in the list of most downloaded android apps.

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