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Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to boost download speed of IDM trick 2019

“As the demanding of visitors today, Kaleemullahpro bring the newest tricks to boost download speed of IDM for windows though in my previous post and video, you learned to download and activate IDM (InternetDownload Manager) with no cost. Currently, most of the people are using IDM (Internet Download Manager) because of the best facility provided by this product.”
Double IDM Downloading Speed 2017
Did You people Know something 😉 ?
IDM is the important Download Manager of PC. This product downloading speed is five times faster than any other normal download managers Like: Orbit, DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) Etc. Have user-friendly line even first time the user can use it easily. Still, there are many users who are not pleased with their download speed. Today I have currently had two different methods to boost IDM Download speed. You can also use the same methods to boost download for windows

How to boost download speed of IDM trick 2019

Boost IDM Downloading Speed – Think how irritating it would be if you got 10Mb/S speed and your download speed is not even 1Mb/S. Now just forget about the downloading issue simply follow the steps below to increase downloading speed rate of IDM in short way 😊

Method #1. Optimizing IDM Setting

In this method, you don’t need to download any other 3rd parties’ applications. Simply, you need to optimize the IDM setting for the best downloading performances. Now follow these steps carefully otherwise speed will be same.
Step #1. First in first, open the IDM on your computer
Step #2. Allow the speed limiter by navigating to ‘Downloads>Speed Limiters>Turn On‘ from menus.
#1. Turn on Speed Limiter
Step #3. Then go to ‘Downloads-->Speed Limiters-->Settings ‘.Now in the option ‘Maximum Speed for one file‘ enter your internet speed (1MB = 1024kb). Then tick ‘Always turn on Speed Limiter on IDM Start up ‘and save the setting.
2#. Insert Your Internet Speed In KB/s
Step #4. Now move to ‘Option‘ from the icon menu and then head up to ‘Connection‘. Now in ‘Connection Type/Speed‘ you will choose ‘High speed’ and also Default max. Conn. number: to 8.
#3. Enter Your Maximum Speed
Method #2. IDM Speed Optimizer
IDM Speed Optimizer is an application that improves the registry of IDM which boost its downloading performances. Before doing anything, you need to first download IDM Speed Optimizer.
Step #1. Download IDM Speed Optimizer and open it using decompressing programs like WinRAR or WinZip etc on your PC.
Step #2. After extracting just close IDM by using Task Manager and Launch IDM Speed Optimizer as Administrator.
Step #3. Now just click on ‘OptimizeIDM ‘Option. You will get the success message as like in the picture mentioned below.
Double IDM Speed Using IDM Speed Optimizer
Step #4. So at Lastly, click ‘OK‘ button. OMG 😊 ! You have successfully increased downloading speed of IDM.

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