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Friday, May 17, 2019

10 tips that give you longer battery life in your mobile (with pictures)

Top 10 methods how can you increase your battery timings

There is nothing more frustrating than mobile batteries that run out, especially on vacation and trip. So, don’t worry today kaleemullahpro will guide you all those techniques which will definitely increase your mobile battery life with proper steps for iPhone as well as android’s users. So, you need to just read the full article carefully and will not ignore any step. So common and let’s start our today’s interesting topic”
10 tips that give you longer battery life in your mobile
Here are some smart tips that can extend battery life.

1. Lower the screen strength
One of the easiest things you can do to increase battery life is to lower the brightness of the screen. Modern phones often have very strong screens and you rarely need more than 50 percent if you do not have impaired vision.

Android: Swipe the notification screen from the top of the screen and drag the brightness slider.
Iphone: Open Control Center and drag the brightness slider.
2. Use the power save mode
If you know you will not be able to access a charger for a long time and really need the maximum battery life, it is good to turn on the power saving mode manually at the beginning of the day.

Android: Swipe the notification screen from the top of the screen and press the battery icon.
Iphone: Display Control Center and press battery icon.

3. Find large battery thieves
Some apps are simply less optimized than others and draw unnecessary power compared to how much benefit you get from them. On both Android and Iphone, you see a list of how much power different apps have drawn in
Settings -> Battery.

4. Turn off auto-sync
You can save some power to stop apps from automatically syncing, such as new emails.

Android: Settings -> Users and Accounts (turn off sync data automatically).
Iphone: Settings -> Accounts and Passwords -> Retrieve New Data (turn off Push).

5. Turn off background updates
Apps that refresh themselves in the background can draw a lot of power and give much shorter total battery life. Here you turn it off:

Android: Settings -> Apps and Notifications. Show everyone and find an app you want to shut down. Press Battery and turn off Background activity.
Iphone: Settings -> General -> Background Update. You can choose to manually turn it off for anyone except a few apps.

6. Turn off the screen faster
The screen is the single most power-consuming component in the mobile. Lower the time it takes for it to automatically shut down so you save a lot of battery life.

Android: Settings -> Screen -> Sleep Mode.

Iphone: Settings -> Display and Brightness -> Auto Lock

7. Check that nothing prevents standby
Sometimes, it may seem that the battery does not even have half the day, even though you do not do anything unusual. This may be because something prevents the mobile from going to sleep, even though the screen is off. Actually, used time should normally be considerably shorter than time in standby mode. If not, you can check for individual apps that draw a lot of power, or at worst install the system and restore from backup.

Android: Settings -> Battery -> Advanced Battery Usage. Compare The phone is idle with time since the last full charge.
Iphone: Settings -> Battery. Compare Use and Standby mode.
8. Beware of poor coverage
If the modem in the phone has to work extra hard to communicate, it draws more power. This applies regardless of whether it is the mobile network, WIFI or Bluetooth, but the mobile network is the most common. If you are somewhere with a really weak signal and you really don't have to be connected, you can turn on the aircraft mode to save battery.

9. Take it easy with the games
Some of the most power-consuming apps are games. When the Pokémon Go was the biggest rubbing of the manufacturers of power bank hands.
10. Stay cool
If any lithium-ion batteries hate it, it is to have heat. Never leave your phone in direct sunlight, beware of tight jeans pockets, and whatever you do: Do ​​not charge when warm. If the battery is over 35 degrees when charging, it takes permanent damage.

Wraping it up:

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