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Sunday, May 19, 2019

20 tips that how to become an IT EXPERT

20 tips that how to become an IT EXPERT!

At the end of this article you will discover 20 basic tips for becoming a pro in IT  field. Putting them in place will make you gain a certain advantage.
20 tips that how to become an it expert
So, am kaleemullah will guide you how to become pro in computer field in a very simple step.

You are probably in one of these situations:

     1.     You risk losing your job because you do not master some computer tools.
     2.     IT, you do not understand anything, that's what you're doing, but unfortunately you  have to put yourself in it.
    3.     You are being ripped off on the internet, and you do not know how to do it anymore.
    4.     Your children are growing up and you wonder how to protect them effectively on the internet.

So be with me because “These are well-known tips that few people use”. Master these techniques, you will go much faster in your daily tasks, and exploit the capabilities of your computer.
These are the basics of my "Pro in 2 weeks Chrono" system, which I explain to you at the very end of the article.

The golden rules:
1) Keyboard shortcuts you will master!
keyboard shortcuts are very important (kaleemullahpro)
In order to save time, it is important to master keyboard shortcuts. Know how to do actions such as copy and paste, save a document, navigate from window to window, close a document, etc. can save you a lot of time.
The manipulations are not simple at first because it is a combination of keys, but once mastered you cannot do without it. Your Windows (or Mac) environment has specific, software that you use too.
It's up to you to know them to optimize your way of using these tools.

2) The stain bar, you'll own yourself!

The stain bar,how to become an it expert
To access the software you use often, you often do the following:
You click on "Start" then on "All Programs" then on "Program Folder" and finally on the program in question.
To save time, create shortcuts to the software you often use in your taskbar.

3) Your keyboard, you control!
Without being a typist typing on his keyboard without looking at him can be learned. There are small techniques to familiarize yourself with your keyboard.
As you watch TV, listen to music, or radio, have fun recording what you hear as quickly as possible.
It will not be great at first, but you will see little by little you will assimilate the placement of letters.

4) Google, you will consult!
In your learning, Google must be your most loyal friend. (I have no part in them)
You must learn how to do relevant research, how to tailor your queries to return interesting results. Put the site on the default page in your web browser, to make your life easier.

5) Your documents, you will order!
You absolutely must classify your documents in a logical way. Create folders, subfolders, sub-subfolders even if you have to. You must be able to find your documents at any time without asking where they are!

6) Your office, you'll clean up! (Your Desktop)
This point joins the previous one. Your office must be "clean".

A "Doc" or "PDF" file that you have only seen once, and is no longer used for nothing has nothing to do on your desktop. Here are the elements that I authorize you to put on your desk (  )
     1.     Quick access links to some directories
      2.     Your trash (recycle bin)
      3.     My Computer or "Computer" for Windows 7
      4.     Links to frequently used programs (and again, it would be better to put them in the taskbar)
      5.     Links to web pages (and again, this should be in the browser)

7) Shortcuts for your directories, you will use!
If you often have to access the same directory, whose tree is a little complicated and requires a lot of clicks: "C://Users/Document/persoDoc/Persoblabla"
Create a directory shortcut that you can place on your desktop, and in 1 click you will access all the elements of the directory!

8) Internet shortcuts, you will collect
This is the same principle as the previous point, but adapt to internet browsers.

You probably have sites that you visit regularly, and instead of typing the address each time in your browser, you can use shortcuts that 1 click redirects you directly to the site in question.
It also allows you to no longer have to navigate a site to find an article or an interesting page, you can access it in 1 click thanks to the shortcut.

9) Never, you will panic!
Even under the threat of a blue screen, the pros never panic. I explain to you below, how do you never worry anymore!
All problems to a solution, and if there are no solutions it is that there are no problems (Shadocks :)

10) Always, you will have fun!
To become a computer pro, you have to have fun. Learning computer science can be very fun. Try to link one of your passions to this learning. There are a lot of tricks to learn without realizing it.

11) According to your needs, your PC will choose you!
Do not listen to the sellers, who will tell you that this laptop 900 euros is the one you need.
If your goal is to go on the internet, listen to music, watch videos of chat on YouTube, communicate on Skype with your loved ones, basically to make basic stains, a laptop to 900 euros is much too expensive.
“Do not get fooled”
Do not choose either a PC with a screen too small, which even if they do not consume too much, are not nice in the long run.
Recap: Do not take a racehorse and do not take a screen too small.

12) Backups, you will perform!
Your computer is not foolproof!
I do not count anymore people solicited me because their computers had crashed.
“For pity, make backups”
USB sticks, external hard drive, CD, DVD, cloud, thousands of solutions exist, you have no excuses. I would have warned you!

13) Partitions, you will create!
As stated before, your computer is not foolproof!
As soon as possible set up a strategy to create partitions.
With partitions, you will be able to separate your data from the operating system.

Your disc will thus be "split" into several parts. Just considered one part with "Windows" (your main operating system which is probably Microsoft windows, and the other part with your data (Photos, videos, music, PDF, working documents etc.)
So, if your operating system crashes, you can reset the part of the disk that contains it. The part that contains your data, will not be impacted.

14) An antivirus, you will have!
You've heard about it before, I guess.
An antivirus scans and detects potentially harmful content on your computer.
Tip, on the latest versions of windows, Windows Defender antivirus is available for free.
It is effective, but does not prevent your vigilance huh!


15) Help topics, you will consult!
Most of the answers to your questions are in the help topics.
Secret of computer scientist: We read a lot! you always have your nose stuffed into the rubrics of help.
We do not get anything out of our "hats", we only read and analyze the help manuals.

16) The power of the cloud, you will exploit!
The future belongs to cloud solutions!
The cloud is a term for online applications / software.
The excessive benefit of these tackles is very simple that they are available from anywhere in the world, on any machine, from the moment you have an internet connection. Online data storage, online music, online word processing, etc.
The possibilities are many (see google suite).
Start using these tools now.

17) Questions, you will ask!
An interrogation? Ask questions.

18) A follower, you will not be!
When installing software, please stop the "Next, Next, Next" syndrome.
The creators of adware have analyzed this behavior well.
And they benefit from it! During installation windows, you will be asked to install "components" that are only software for ads.
The check boxes to accept these components are already checked by default.
And so, by clicking, next, next, without analyzing, you validate the installation of these components. Very quickly you will realize that your computer bug and you will not know where it comes from, look no further and check your latest installed programs and uninstall it.

19) Complain, you will stop!
Many people complain. This attitude is not the best to succeed, you can imagine.
In case of problems, submit the (forum, this site, colleague, family).

20) Below, you will click 😀
If you ever want to go further click here or at the bottom.