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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

All About Microsoft Excel 2007-2016

All About Microsoft Excel 2007-2016 - Ultimate Guide For All

What is the Excel Spreadsheet?

What is a spreadsheet? Excel what is it? What is an Excel table? What is an Excel workbook? What is an Excel sheet? What is an Excel cell?

Excel what is it? Excel is a spreadsheet software of the Microsoft Office suite, developed and distributed by the Microsoft editor. The most recent version is Excel 2016.
It is intended to run on Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X platforms.

The Excel software integrates functions:
·        Of numerical calculation (using calculation formulas),
·        Of graphical representation (using graphs),
·        data analysis (including pivot table)
·        and programming, which uses macros written in a language (Visual Basic)

The current version of the software is Excel 2016 under Windows and Excel 2011 under Mac OS X;

Excel uses files with the extension: xls or xlsx (as of version 2007)

If you do not have the Microsoft Excel (paid) license, you can still use LibreOffice Calc free software which does the same thing and is compatible with Excel files.
What is an Excel sheet?

Each Excel file corresponds to a workbook, which contains spreadsheets organized into tabs.

Each sheet corresponds to an array of rows and columns that can contain values ​​(numeric or not) as well as formulas for calculations.
Here is an example

What is an Excel cell?

The intersection of a line and a column is called a box!
A cell is the name given to a cell in the table.
A cell can contain either a value (numeric or not) or a calculation formula.

A cell is designated by its column and row number that appear in the name box.
Example: cell B4 contains the value 1900 in the table of our example!

Why is it important to master Excel nowadays?
Microsoft Excel is a software of the Microsoft Office suite. It is a simple spreadsheet program. It has many options that can provide solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Although it sounds a little complex, Excel is quite easy to use and it's important to master it. In some job offers, the perfect use of software such as Excel can be an asset to have the best profile.

What is the role of Excel?
Excel is a spreadsheet software. It offers functions of numerical calculation, data analysis, graphical representation and programming. The software allows to perform operations such as simple calculations such as addition or subtraction to more complex calculations such as trigonometry. These different functions are necessary for the implementation of various solutions for both individuals and businesses.

Mastering Excel: The Benefits For Companies
A company with employees who are fully proficient in Excel first gains productivity. Indeed, the bad manipulations or deficiencies concerning a software like Excel are the causes of many losses in hours of work. Even if they can learn online (on for example), the company has every interest in investing in the training of its employees so that they have perfect command of the software.

The second advantage that a company has for its employees to use Excel perfectly is the efficiency and accuracy of the results obtained. With Excel, a company can easily draw many graphics. These allow him to have a visualization of encrypted data. So you can easily analyze the data and make projections from it. And decision making in this case is therefore easier. On the other hand, if Excel is misused, erroneous data will be recorded that will cause a lot of damage. A miscalculation will give bad information and distorted decision-making.
A company that through its employees makes optimal use of Microsoft Excel improves its relationships with its partners. This allows it to send Excel spreadsheets that are clear and easy to use.
For companies, Excel will be very useful for preparing tables containing financial forecasts, budgets, financial analyzes, dashboards ...

Benefits for individuals

Excel is a fairly simple interface and easy to use. So you can model the different tables and columns according to your needs. Individuals will not really have a hard time using it. It is indeed simple to install and easy to use. In addition, you will not have a license to renew. The software is provided with a single license. The use of Microsoft Excel allows any individual to manage data relating to his business or professional activity for example. It can be used for inventory management, accounting, billing ... Excel offers a multitude of opportunities. Just be well trained and master the software perfectly.

For an individual, the mastery of a software also allows him to maximize his chances during a recruitment. Companies are often looking for qualified professionals, but are still unwilling to pay for certain training they consider basic.

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