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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

What is the best in-ear earphones in 2019?

Best earbuds 2019: the best earbuds, earphones and in-ear headphones for any budget

Whether listening to music or making calls, in-ear headphones are popular accessories in everyday life. The manufacturers have understood and offer a large number of models. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Sennheiser: discover our selection of the best headphones.

Headphones are generally the best way to listen to music. But in everyday life, the intra-auricular can be more practical. They do not damage your hairstyle (do not laugh, everyone has already experienced the "bar"), are light, pass unnoticed and slip easily into the pockets. Whether listening to music or making calls, we have selected quality products that should satisfy you.

1More Triple Driver: Hi-Res / THX

The 1More Triple Driver earphones focus on ruggedness, with an aluminum alloy body and a Kevlar-coated braided cable, and comfort, with 45 ° swivel tips. On the cable, a small 3-button remote control can manage listening, take calls, but also use Siri or Google Assistant.
Under the 100-euro mark, few headphones can boast 3 transducers and Hi-Res and THX certification. We find a beautiful stereo, well present bass and a precise sound for a consistent and high quality.

Why do we recommend them?

§  They allow to use Google Assistant or Siri
§  For their Hi-Res / THX certification
§  For the comfort and support they offer
They are available on Amazon for about 85 euros with a set of 8 tips of different sizes.

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Shure SE215: Shure's entry-in-ear monitor

Shure's in-ears monitor are earphones known to people in the sound world, like musicians. These are earphones designed for the stage, insulating, light and rather comfortable. Three silicone tips and three foam tips are also provided to suit a maximum of people.

The SE215, especially in transparency, will easily go unnoticed, especially because they curl (somehow) around the ear. The sound is warm and should delight lovers of bass. The highs are a bit limited, because they are headphones made for the stage, but we gain in spatialization. We also like the possibility of changing cable, and that's really nice.

These are the first in-ear monitor awards at Shure, and a good investment, especially if you play in a group or you are a professional in the world of music.

Why do we recommend them?
§  Good insulation
§  A warm sound with good spatialization
§  Easily adjustable


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Meze 12 Classics: Wooden Beats

Unlike many headphones, the Meze 12 Classics earphones catch the eye with its walnut coating (like the 99 Classics and Neo helmets from the same manufacturer) and its brown cable. A deceptive look, because the sound is less warm than clear and flashy. Mediums are present and should provide good spatialization. If you like guitar solos, this may be the affordable pair for you.

We will be delighted to find in the box a storage case, a shirt clip and four silicone and foam tips inside the box. In use, we find ourselves well insulated and the cable is quickly forgotten (headphones weigh 18 grams).

Why do we recommend them?
§  An original design (and it must be done on headphones)
§  For clear and punchy sound
§  Very light

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 Anc: The Original Design

The design of the Bang & Olufsen earphones is quite elegant. They have perforations around the logo of the brand supposed to improve the acoustics of the headphones. They are equipped with a microphone, a remote control that allows the management of calls and music, and a box with a battery of 20 hours for active noise reduction.
They offer a generally warm sound with well-defined mediums and a very low distortion rate.

Why opt for these headphones?
§  They offer good audio quality
§  They are equipped with active noise reduction
§  Their design is quite original

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear: The Audio Quality

The Sennheiser Momentum in-ear, designed in stainless steel, are equipped with a remote control with microphone for call management and listening, placed on a 1.3-meter elliptical cable. To maximize comfort, the tips tilt at 15 °.

On the sound side, the bass is well marked with sharp treble for an energetic sound effect. They offer a very low rate of distortion.
They are available for just under 90 euros and come with 4 pairs of tips of different sizes and a carrying case.

Why takes these headphones?
§  They have a long enough cable
§  For their "modern" finishes
§  They offer excellent audio quality

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Oneplus Bullets (V2): Extra Headphones

Rather practical, the OnePlus 6 (at least in France) is sold with bullets (v2), headphones that do not look mine with a good sound, even if very modified. They will have the merit of easily masking the surrounding noises, even in public transport. The headphones are elegant, equipped with a remote control to manage listening as well as taking calls. They will be quickly forgotten thanks to their featherweight of 14 grams which make them particularly comfortable. Be careful, because the sound saturates quickly (and you may hurt yourself at the same time).
Sold less than 20 euros on the store of OnePlus, this pair will be able to satisfy the people needing an auxiliary solution. You will find them here.

Why choose them?
§  They are very light
§  Less than 20 euros!
§  Their flat cable helps to avoid knots

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