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Monday, May 20, 2019

Free WiFi call on Android - The top applications to call someone for free 2019

Free WiFi call on Android
The top applications to call someone for free 2019 

While there are mobile plans that include unlimited calls, VoIP calls that use a 3 / 4G connection or WiFi have never been so popular. Like SMS that are on the decline for the benefit of instant messaging via the Internet. Check out our selection of the best apps for free and flowing free wifi calls.
Free WiFi call on Android - The top applications to call someone for free 2019
One can wonder about the usefulness of the applications of calls wifi when one has an unlimited fixed price or a telephone subscription associated with an Internet box. But the relevance of the question is emptied when one thinks of calls made from or to certain foreign countries. Not to mention that many French subscribe to small mobile plans with a limited duration of communication.

Wi-Fi call applications are also more convenient since they offer, among other things, the ability to make video calls. For people who are cautious about privacy issues, these solutions are more secure alternatives as some allow end-to-end encryption. Here are 5 essential Android apps for making free VoIP calls over WiFi or 4G.

   1.  WhatsApp
WhatsApp - Free WiFi call on Android (
WhatsApp took only a few years to establish itself as the ultimate instant messenger application. Initially confined to this simple task, it has grown over time with many features that make it a real Swiss army knife of communication. The calls wifi have been invited in the application for a few years: the voice at first, then the video calls. The fluidity of the transmissions was problematic at first, but things get better with the updates. To call a contact on WhatsApp, you must have his phone number which serves only as an identifier. Communications do not go through the GSM network.

    2.  Viber
Viber - Free WiFi call on Android (
Another easy-to-use and intuitive application for sending instant messages. You can also make free or paid wifi calls to fixed or mobile lines at more affordable rates than those of a standard operator. Thanks to the Viber Out service, the user can indeed recharge credit and use it to call contacts worldwide via their fixed or mobile number even if these contacts are not Viber users.

    3.  Skype
Skype - Free WiFi call on Android (
We no longer present Skype who is one of the pioneers of VoIP communication that has already made his weapons on PC before the advent of smartphones. The application has since passed into the fold of Microsoft and faces today a string of competing solutions. But it remains one of the references to make free wifi calls with your contacts or exchange text messages. The Viber Out service presented above is entirely inspired by the Skype model that allows you to charge credit for calling landlines or mobile numbers anywhere in the world at low prices. Todays ultimate version of software that is use for video conferencing nowadays. And settle interviews to attend call conferencing and meeting on the large scale.

   4.  Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger - Free WiFi call on Android (
It is useless to present it and at the same time impossible not to mention it. The Facebook messaging application also allows you to make free calls via a 3 / 4G or wifi connection. You can trade with your friends on Facebook, but not that. Although strongly related to the social network, Messenger wants to be an independent messaging application. It is possible for some years to use it even without having a Facebook account. All you need is your phone number. The application allows you to exchange with the contacts in your phonebook having Facebook Messenger installed on their smartphone.

    5.  Line
Line has been relatively comfortable in this highly competitive market and can claim to have federated hundreds of millions of users. Its interface is quite similar to that of WhatsApp. Functionally, Line allows you to exchange text messages, make audio or video calls over the Internet, talk to others via groups, and so on. Video calls are more fun thanks to the ability to add effects and filters. Like Skype and Viber, you can call landlines or mobile numbers around the world with Line Out service, with competitive rates compared to traditional international calls through carriers.

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