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Friday, May 24, 2019

How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Why have more and more followers on Instagram?

With its billion users around the world, Instagram has become a must-have brand on social networks. The proof is in a post where we reviewed 5 brands that use this very popular photo sharing platform very effectively today. As a reminder, Instagram is an application that allows you to share and publish photos in a community of several million members. Just like Pinterest, it is the photo that is at the heart of the service and this recent study on the social platforms that generate the most sales shows the potential of platforms of this type.

In full swing, Instagram is a social network to consider in the development of its web marketing strategy, and this regardless of the size of your company. Fun, fast and easy to use, it is nonetheless a social network among others where it is necessary to follow certain techniques to increase the number of Instagram followers. Let's see how you go about it!

Editorial Content Strategy

1. Offer unique content
The main attraction for Instagram is of course the photo at the center of the social network.

To win subscribers without cheating (out of the question to buy followers) and develop your reputation, you must make them want to subscribe with a quality account. It is therefore imperative to publish inspiring photos that people can relate to.

Just see how the most popular brands use Instagram to understand the success of their presence: unique, personal, and original photos. By sharing this type of photo, you connect with your audience, which is the best way to build loyalty. To get virality, be creative, differentiate yourself.

The most popular Instagram accounts are accounts that have a true content strategy. Certainly, post beautiful photos when you feel like it will allow you to have a beautiful gallery, but that's not enough! Accounts like @symmetrybreakfast, which posts symmetrical breakfast photos, or @elsabody and its vertical mantra line, are good examples.

Here are some ways to put in place an effective content strategy:

Ø  Think original and do not try to copy
Ø  Create a visual harmony, a unit in your thread
Ø  Focus on a theme rather than scattering (even create multiple Instagram accounts for each theme!)
Ø  Focus on quality over quantity, and feel free to remove photos from your thread from time to time so you do not accumulate them.
Ø  Bet on the novelty, and avoid putting several times the same photos, you will end up tired of your subscribers!
2. Post at the right time
Set up a publication schedule! Whether you're a professional or an amateur wanting to boost your followers, it's important to publish on a regular basis to attract new subscribers and not lose your current subscribers. The best is to establish an editorial calendar:

Ø  what content,
Ø  what day,
Ø  At what time…
You can even use tools like Buffer or Crowdfire to schedule your posts and avoid forgetting!

Before posting anything on Instagram, make sure you know which time zone your audience is in. Also know when your audience connects to their Instagram account. Since this is a mobile app, it's hard to really know what is the best time to publish. We do know, however, that a large number of users connect at certain strategic moments of the day: in the morning before going out, at noon or on their way home from work or school.

3. Keep an eye on trends
Creating an effective content strategy is one thing, managing it is another! It is important to constantly adjust for trends. Like any social network, Instagram is the place of the ephemeral. The success of the stories shows it well! So your subscribers will eventually get bored and go elsewhere if you do not post new things.

4. Use popular and relevant hashtags
Just take a quick tour on Webstagram to see what are the most popular hashtags on the social network. A good way to organize your photos and see which ones are trendy and relevant to your industry. A very good way to increase your visibility and your rate of interaction. We can see the 10 most popular hashtags at the moment.
Use relevant hashtags

Of course, it is not a question of using the 10 most current hashtags of the moment on your photographs. The abuse of hashtags is generally very badly perceived by all Internet users! Try to select up to 5 or 6 maximum, the ones that best meet your content. Abuse will quickly make you a spammer in your community. Using the right hashtags will allow you to attract followers with the same interests as you.

You can also use geo-tagging. With your approval, you allow Instagram to collect data using your GPS device on your phone. This will then geolocate you, showing Instagram users where you are. Maybe users in the same place as you will join your circle of followers.

Target publications
It's nice to use the most popular hashtags, but you may win subscribers who will not follow you very long! To win qualified subscribers, the best is to target your publications and especially your hashtags. Take advantage of niche hashtags, which are less popular but which will allow you to join a faithful community.

5. Organize contests
One of the best ways to boost engagement within your page and earn followers is to launch a contest. This technique is known and has already proven itself on many social networks. The popularity of Instagram makes it a preferred platform for the organization of quizzes that can be achieved using Statigram, a very effective tool to manage your Instagram account.
Plus, running a contest on Instagram is not the hardest thing. Take a beautiful picture and add captions to inform people of the launch of a contest. Remember, as mentioned above, the use of hashtags, which here will be #contest to return your visual easier to find by interested contestants. Of course, do not forget to share your contest on social networks.

Many ideas come out on the web every day and show that brands are becoming more and more creative when it comes to organizing Instagram contests. The most popular is the one where you ask your subscribers to take a picture of your product, publish this image with a specific hashtag. You then choose a winner at the end of the contest. An initiative that will earn you a great exposure and undoubtedly a nice skewer of new subscribers.

6. Have a complete profile
Your profile must be complete! A good and effective profile acts as a call-to-action and arouses interest from the user. This will also allow the user to gain confidence when viewing your profile. An empty profile and poorly completed often gives doubts about the identity of the account (fakes, usurper, etc.). It's also your company's ID card on Instagram. This is where users can know who you are, what you are doing. A good open door to credibility.

Be serious and professional in your biography that you will update if necessary (change of website, etc.). Do not use style techniques: "follow = followback". The race to subscribers to a limit that must not be exceeded. Do not forget to look after your cover photo.

7. Know the reason for his presence
Before you get carried away by the fun and features of Instagram, take a step back and remember why you're on the platform. Instagram is one of the levers of your marketing strategy. Are you looking for more visibility? Want to use Instagram as a promotional tool for your business? It is important not to be there to follow the masses. Understand why you joined Instagram, set goals, and have a clear editorial plan. These are mandatory and essential steps to attract new followers and to succeed.
Knowing your goals in advance allows you to better adjust your shot and not make mistakes in the beginning. It will also help you determine your target audience and whether you are looking for people in your niche or acting in a large fan operation.

8. Be active, but not too much
One of the most effective ways to attract new followers is to be active and consistent in your publishing schedule. Do not flood your fans with hundreds of images a day, broadcast them all week long. Do not disturb the habit of your fans!

If you stay consistent in your publication, they will personally take the initiative to come see your new content. Abuse and publish dozens of photos all day long will only scare your subscribers, which is not the goal.

9. Sociabilizing
Be active on the network is the best way to become popular: commitment is essential to boost your followers account.

Subscribe to other accounts
Have you ever seen that Instagram constantly offers you new accounts to like? Do it! Often these are people who follow you, or who are friends with you on another social network, or who simply have an account similar to yours. By subscribing to these accounts, you can encourage them to visit your profile. And since these accounts are related to you in one way or another, they are likely to subscribe in return.

The follow back is a social media principle that emerged on Twitter, gain followers goes through the subscription to other profiles. If you want us to follow you, also follow other accounts. This is a rule common to all social media. In other words, Instagram is not just about publishing content. It's also about being active, exchanging, and communicating with fans, both on your account and others. In this way you will greatly increase your chances of being followed.
Be careful not to make massive following! This is another slightly more radical (and more time-consuming) method: it is a matter of massing accounts so that the person then subscribes to you. You could be labeled as a spammer on Instagram! Avoid the massive unfollow as well of course.

Do research on brands for example who have the same interest as you, like and share their photos. Be engaging. The more you expose and commit, the more you improve your visibility. Nobody likes one-way conversations or actions. Give to receive! Be careful not to like anything and everything. Be sincere in your actions.

And do not forget to subscribe to influences and popular Instagram accounts in your field. Not only will you be able to get noticed by their subscribers, interacting on their posts, but you may be able to eventually get a mention from them.

Multiply interactions
It is important to interact when you want to federate a community. With its subscribers (take the time to answer or at least like their comments on your photos, visit their account and like their photos, etc.); but also with his subscriptions! You can comment on photos that you like, like them, or even share them (in story for example).

Use other social networks
It can be interesting to link his account Facebook and Instagram (yes, Facebook is the owner of Instagram!). Not only does this increase the chances of being followed by your friends, but in addition you will be able to post photos simultaneously on your two accounts. Be careful, however, not to abuse hashtags or emojis on a post on your Facebook profile!

Besides Facebook, other social networks can be useful to promote your Instagram account, especially if your community is developed there. And if you are a pro, do not forget to put the link of all your social networks on your official website!
In addition to filters, you can also take advantage of photo editing applications.

A good use of Instagram and clear goals from the start will greatly increase your chances of success on the social network.

To stay up to speed and keep your subscribers attracted to new people on the go, do not hesitate to surf Instagram: visit accounts similar to yours, inspire influencers, glean ideas and integrate the latest fashionable hashtags to your publications ... Similarly, update your bio regularly, especially if you have put information like your age.

You now know how to earn real subscribers on Instagram. In short, everything depends on the quality of your account and your contact with other Instagrammers!


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