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Saturday, May 25, 2019

How To Promote Your Business On YouTube channel

How to promote your Business on YouTube channel

What is the point of posting a video on YouTube if it is not viewed once? This is the eternal question for any video marketing specialist. While 300 hours of videos are posted every minute on the platform, companies face stiff competition to get their message across.
Promote your business on youtube channel by kaleemullahpro

We have not stopped telling you, 2019 is the year of the video. More and more companies are attaching importance to video content. You must be successful in differentiating yourself from others before your brand drowns in the crowd. The promotion of your YouTube channel is art, and the border is thin between a painting that remains anonymous and a masterpiece hailed by all.

The following guide will help you promote your business on YouTube channel to differentiate your videos from others.

1. Create memorable titles
What is one of the first things you do before you decide whether or not to watch a video on YouTube? You most certainly start by reading the title of the video. If you decide to give a minute of your time watching a video, you will choose the one you are sure of content. In other words, the title must:
ü  Be short and concise
ü  Contain keywords in its description.
If the title of your video is cut or confused, it's a safe bet that no viewer will click on it. To increase your visibility, be sure to add the relevant keywords that are most relevant to your content. A catchy title is more likely to get a click back.

2. Create a YouTube thumbnail image true to your video
In addition to the title, the thumbnail image of your video is another key element that will help you promote your YouTube channel. Your title may be perfect, but if your image has nothing to do with the content, your target audience will certainly be less inclined to click on your video or share it! If your video shows a cat playing a guitar, the image should not show you tuning your camera.
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To help you create the best image possible, YouTube offers the following tips:
ü  The image should be as large as possible, as it will also be used as a preview in the built-in player;
ü  It must have a resolution of 1280 × 720 (minimum width of 640 pixels);
ü  It must be imported in an image format such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG;
ü  Its size should not exceed 2Mo;
ü  Try using a 16: 9 aspect ratios because it is the most common report in Youtube players and previews.
A coherent content, an adapted image. It's easy to promote your YouTube channel!

3. Optimize your channel
Create an evocative and compelling profile and add a detailed description.
Make sure your profile matches your brand image and other social channels in terms of:
ü  Colors
ü  Funds
ü  Logos
ü  Social media icons (for your other channels)
ü  Banners and custom layouts
As Kissmetrics explains, "If your channel matches your brand image, your viewers and subscribers on YouTube will be able to easily navigate it." You have worked hard to build your brand and your YouTube channel can definitely help you promote your videos. As for your growing audience, he will recognize you among a thousand.

4. Improve the SEO of your videos
The visibility of your channel and videos goes hand in hand with search engine optimization. The YouTube platform is the second largest search engine. SEO optimized search engines will help to improve the visibility of your videos to as many people.

As Search Engine Watch points out, YouTube's algorithm ranks videos in your search results based on:

ü  The information contained in the title tags;
ü  The retention of the public;
ü  The keywords used in the description;
ü  tags
ü  The duration of the video;
ü  The number of subscribers after viewing the video;
ü  comments
ü  The likes and dislikes.
Put yourself in the shoes of people doing research related to your brand. You can more easily promote your YouTube channel. Search Engine Watch tips include:

ü  Write detailed descriptions, because the more YouTube algorithm knows what your video is talking about the easier it can classify your video for your target keywords;
ü  Optimize the keywords of your video;
ü  Gain insights through online communities (eg, Quora, LinkedIn, etc.);
ü  Encourage subscription and link building;
ü  Create playlists containing your keywords, because such a playlist allows the YouTube algorithm to gather more information about the subject of your video. In the same way as with the description, more written content gives you more views.
5. Stay active in the community
Improve the visibility of your YouTube channel with quality SEO, that's good. To be truly committed is better. Like any social network, YouTube is a community. There are communities and sub-communities for tons of topics, so it is very likely that your product or service may match one of them.

Find active people in your YouTube community who share your ideas and subscribe to their channels. Take the time to watch videos that interest you sincerely and give your opinion. Write useful comments, enjoy the videos you really like or that bring you something, and most importantly, share the videos that are of real interest to your community on social media.

It's by helping other YouTube users promote their channels rather than yours that you become an active and engaged member of a living community. Therefore, they will think of your channel. In other words, you kill two birds with one stone.

6. Create competitions
Organizing a contest can be a good way to get closer to your audience and increase the number of your subscribers. Who does not like gifts? I'm sure you've already shared YouTube videos with friends or on your own social networks in a contest.

Post a video in the form of a call to action presenting the contest, the ground rules and encourage your audience to share it after their registration. Below is a list of YouTube contest ideas:

ü  Ask viewers to leave a comment in exchange for an entry;
ü  Ask people who are not subscribers to sign up by subscribing to your channel;
ü  Organize a contest for which other users must upload a video in which they appear with your product or present your service;
ü  Let users upload their own videos and other users select the best.
Contests are a great way to engage your audience and promote your YouTube channel to your subscribers and future subscribers.

7. Collaborate
You can expand your community by collaborating with other YouTube users. Not only will you increase your visibility through other channels, but you will also allow your audience to make new discoveries. It is likely that you are working in the same industry as the users you are collaborating with. So, you can help extend their YouTube experience by introducing them to your audience.
As VlogNation explains, "YouTube collaborations give you instant visibility to a wider audience. Whether it's creating a video together, an appearance as a guest, a vlog, a shoutout, collaborations provide many benefits. There are several very good examples of collaborations between users, for example:

ü  Make appearances as a guest
ü  Work together to create a video
ü  Make a vlog on the other user's channel
ü  Exchange mentions.
Through collaboration with other users, you will continue learning and this will help promote your channel while growing your community.

8. Interact with your audience
For experienced users of videos on social networks, this trick may seem unnecessary. It's worth mentioning, however, that marketers can promote their channel on YouTube by interacting with their audience. If subscribers ask questions or raise concerns, take the time to answer them. If someone has taken the time to share their opinion or ask you a question, do not leave it unanswered (unless it is a troll).

Organizing a Q & A video is also another way to interact with your audience. Take a call to action in a video or other social channel by inviting members of your audience and your customers to ask their most pressing questions. Then, create a video in which you answer each of them. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to create new dynamic content and on the other hand, you engage your audience in your channel. It is in any case the proof that their opinions and concerns count for you and that you are ready to give them your time to answer them. If your audience is satisfied, they will be more likely to share your channel and videos.

9. Create playlists
YouTube playlists are convenient for finding and sharing your videos. As Social Times explains, "Playlists encourage viewers to watch many of your videos in a row. In a playlist, as soon as one of your videos ends, another begins. If a viewer watches one of your videos that is not part of a playlist, then they will have to click on another video to view a new one. "
Create a personalized list of your videos that represent your brand or are relevant to your industry. Also encourage your audience to share not only one of your videos but also your entire playlist. Replay Science states the benefits of a following YouTube playlist:

ü  Better ranking in search results, since watch time is an important consideration and playlists encourage users to spend more time watching your videos;
ü  More opportunities to appear in the rankings because your playlists are also listed in the search results on YouTube and Google;
ü  More opportunities to enter target keywords, since playlists are a separate set of videos that allow you to appear in rankings for keywords that you do not target with your individual videos;
ü  Increasing the number of views for less-watched videos, especially when you mix popular videos with other less popular videos.
If you find it difficult to promote your YouTube channel, create custom playlists and you'll see your engagement rates and the number of views on your channel increase.

10. Integrate calls to action
It's not enough to create interesting content. If you do not stimulate your audience, you're missing out on a great opportunity to promote your YouTube channel. You can use a call to action to ask viewers to share your videos or ask questions. The possibilities are numerous and they will reward your efforts.

In addition to asking your audience to subscribe to your channel, share and enjoy your content, Vidyard provides examples of calls to action you could use in your YouTube videos:

ü  Ask a question (inviting viewers to engage with your brand or hashtag);
ü  Participate to win (when organizing a contest or draw);
ü  Vote now (for scenarios, viewers feel like contributors);
ü  Get a free trial (if your company offers subscriptions);
ü  Register for a webinar (if this is part of your offer)
ü  To fill a form;
ü  Watch another video

It's easier to promote your YouTube channel if you give your viewers clear directions about your content.
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