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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Make Money Online From Youtube Without Investment

How to make videos and earn money without investing

You've always wanted to make videos, but you think you're running out of time? It is true that making a video requires time, whether to mount it, to prepare it, or to turn it. In this article, we'll see how to make videos without spending too much time.


One of the best ways to not spend a lot of time doing videos is not to edit. The disadvantage of this kind of technique is that you will have to turn everything at once and without error.

The editing will still be recommended if only to increase the colors, make cuts, manage the sound or add full effects.

No need to make a professional montage. You can do it in a few tens of minutes and still increase the quality of the video. Keep it simple and it will have an impact!

It's much easier to shoot videos quickly when you're in the heat of the moment. For example, if you shoot three videos at once, you will be much more comfortable after the second video, which will increase its quality.

But that's not the trick. Most importantly, by shooting three videos at once, you will spend less time each day shooting a video. Let me explain. If you have to release a YouTube video every three days for example, it will be difficult to make a video every three days. Maybe one day you just will not be able to do it or you have to do something else.

If you shoot six videos in one day, it will mean you'll be quiet for two weeks. That's why it's better to shoot as much video as you can.

You certainly know vlogs. Some vlogs make you see all the colors with big montages and drone shots. However, other vlogs less mounted and more recurrent are very simple to perform and do not require editing.

For example, you can shoot a video about stress. Imagine that the title of this video is "how not to stress at the airport". You take your phone to the airport, give your advice for five minutes and you publish the video directly without editing.

Result? You have your video in ten minutes maximum. On top of that, vlogs are in fashion right now. So, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone!

Do not forget to buy a stabilizer for this kind of videos! It may be nothing, but it does improve the final quality of the video. Nobody likes to watch a video that's shaking everywhere.

If you want to make vlogs over several days, you can simply take all your shots one by one and put them after editing. Nothing very complicated. As you can see, vlogs are perfect for making videos quickly.

How to prepare a video without wasting time? It's simple, you must not prepare every word of your video.

Prepare only the titles and themes you want to cover, then make a short summary under each title. Most people do not want to leave a video for fear that it is not perfect. However, for a video to be better over time, it takes training and therefore practice.

Everyone at first started making videos of lower quality. I advise you to start at the start even if it is not perfect. You will gain a lot of time by not wanting to do something perfect and even output a "normal" video.

If you ever want to know more about creating a YouTube channel to post your videos, go to my other article. Let's hope that from now on you will spend less time doing your videos!

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