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Monday, May 13, 2019

Top 10 best tech Accessories every car must have

illions and Billions of people are traveling every day to reach their destination in their own or by public cars. Some people’s destination is a tourist attraction while some people’s destination is their workplace! As all we know that, there are a lot of different kinds of cars planned for different resolution. For example, we have a jeep for off-road driving, SUV’s for comfortable long rides, minivans for group traveling, etc.
Therefore, there is no car which has structures of all dissimilar types of cars! However, one can purchase some of the best car tech accessories and make their car much smoother and more comfortable.
So today kaleemullahpro has a list of some of the best, demandable and amazing car tech accessories which once you add in your car it makes it a lot more useful than just being a transporter. So, stay with me ๐Ÿ˜Š
Best Car Tech Accessories of 2019

 Car Vacuum Cleaner:
OMG one of the most important and useful gadgets you have ever, which must be having in your car. Some or more people are carrying a lot of things in their cars like they contain dirt, food, some of more are seats covers, footrests, they get really dirty after some days..!! to get rid of the dirt and food left in the cars seats or beneath the seats must be clean it off, so you can use this vacuum cleaner to clean all the staffs.
 Dashboard Camera:
While many people during driving on the same road at a same time, there will be possibility that you are being get into an accident or some kind of other unwanted event might be happened. So in this condition, the tape from the dashboard camera can be very useful in appealing an insurance or proving your innocence.  Such kind of the car accessories at AliExpress and are cheap and so amazing that you can easily buy from them. Thus, this car tech can prove to a piece of sign for you to claim.
 Car Jump Starter:
This tool is very important to be very useful when you have a long drive with family or alone in both conditions. There will be more possibilities when you car battery goes down during long drive, and we all knows it ๐Ÿ˜Š that without car battery we cannot start our car, or when our car battery goes down or low and we will be stuck in the same place for hours even if there is no one to help us, or good people to change our battery or charge it.If you have in this case your own Car Jump Starter, you can use it to jump start your car and make your way to the nearest mechanic.
 Car Seat belt Cutter and Window Glass Breaker:
As we all knows, there is no trust on unpredictable future.  So, it’s a good suggestion to be prepared for the worst condition while driving in car. One of the worst situations can be getting in an accident . In a such condition its very mandatory, ta have a life saving tool with you in your car. So in this case a car seat belt cutter and window glass breaker are on e of the most important tools you need to have in such kind of unpredictable conditions.
 GPS tracker:
In the advancement in the system of mapping and GPS system, the use of GPS tracers and GPS related gadgets are in the top to buy. With the use of GPS tracker your loved once, your relatives are not so far from you. You can just track them with the single click. Although you can find the exact location of your loved once also in addition you can track their location and the way/direction to reach them. With this latest car accessory tech, it really gets difficult to get lost in the unknown place.
 Car Charger:
While driving its very important to stay connected with your loved once or family relatives. So far this you need to charge your phone for there proper communication. You need to charge your phone all the time. And I think it will be very difficult if you don’t have a charger in your car. But don’t worry this problem is now solved by using the car charger which now comes with USB ports in a car. You can simply plug your charger on the port available and get start charging your phone using mobile charger.
 Rooftop Cargo Carrier:
If you are in the list of those who’s like to travel in car for even days, then its important for you to have a rooftop cargo carrier, using this tech of cars, you can use this very smoothly and give you very joy while you are traveling in your car for a long drive.
 Inflatable Car Bed:
When you travel, rest is an important factor. Some intelligent people use their car as a hotel bed for taking a small snooze ๐Ÿ˜Š.  To improve your working skill, you can prepare your car with an Inflatable Car Bed, which supports you in sleeping comfortably on your own car.
 Vehicle Desk:
If you are not driving the car, but set behind the seats or I can say if you are traveling with someone else in the passenger’s seat and not driving the car, then you can make the vehicle desk as a desk to get some work done like working on your laptop or writing something down on a notepad. You can also use this vehicle desk to place your food items on it to enjoy your travel.
 Windshield Mount:
If in your car you have the facility of GPS tracking to track your directions, you must have a Windshield Mount. to sidestep taking a wrong turn can prove to be deadly you need to look at your phone regularly. Therefore, you must use the Windshield Mount to grip your mobile in front of your eyes, so that you do not have to get unfocused to know the next turn.

Last Conclusion:
“In my knowledge there are some of the best and most useful car tech accessories which I think it can make your car more comfortable and you will enjoy your journey without any hurdle. If in your mind there are more,please let me know as this is your own blog to add some important staffs. Please feel free to contact. If you have any suggestions please leave your suggestion in the comment box below.”

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