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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Top 16 Download Mangers For Android phones in 2019

Top 16 Download Mangers For Android phones in 2019

Always we talked about downloading songs, TV shows, movies etc when we use Android phones. While in some cases these downloading songs, movies, TV shows become the bottle nick due to bad internet connection. Then these are the moments when there is a need of download managers, so to evade such kind of interruption we need to use the best download managers for our Android.”

Download manager is a software designed for phones which help you download different things from the internet. Some of the download managers boost up your download speed by breaking the files into smaller files and downloading them at once.
Also, you can pause and resume the downloading process using download managers. So here we give you some of the best download managers for android who are available on the Google Play Store. These download managers will help you download files faster and also keep track of the downloaded files.

Download Managers for Android

#1 Advanced Download Manager - Best Download Manager

By using this advanced download manager, now you can download up to three files at a same time having great experience of downloading. You can also accelerate the downloading speed by multi-threading. In addition Its support queuing (stand next to each other), auto-retry(auto try when pause), pause and resume options while downloading any of your file.

This app is also supported by all browsers such as Chrome, Stock browser, Dolphin, etc. For downloading files from a browser, you can just need to long tap on the downloadable link of that file and then select this download manager to download the file.
#2 Turbo Download Manager for Android
One of the highest advantages of using this download manager is very simple that it has infinite file size support, the downloading process retains running in the background during you work. You can check your download history easily by minimizing your work.

By using this Turbo download manager, you can now download files up to five times faster than the standard download manager OMG 😊. Several HTTP connections are the main points to accelerating the download speed of this software. In addition, the maximum connections per download for a file can be increased to increase the speed of downloading and give you the most real teste of downloading.

#3 Download Manager for Android

In the list of Top 16 Download Mangers For Android phones in 2019 this Download Manager is on 3rd number.  You can now download several files concurrently or in a line. You can add links manually to this manager of your own choice. It requires Android version higher than 2.3(Gingerbread) and it supports files over 2GB of size. This download manager downloads files in parallel spaces to increase the download speed of your files.

It supports a number of languages such as French, English, Spanish, etc. It lets the downloading to carry on in the background. Also, you can select the buffer size in order to optimize the data transfer.

#4 Downloader
This download manager is an accurate application which removes all the pointless options and it provides download speed which is around three times faster than other standard download manager using in the market. You can now get your results by quick voice and speech input also to increase the taste of using download manager in a new way. This download manager has the ability to increase the speed level up to 3 times faster than the ordinary download manager using.
A dynamic download progress bar keeps you updated with the downloading speed details. It supports YouTube, Google, Yahoo, etc search to download the files. In addition, you can pause, resume or cancel any downloading process.

#5 Loader Droid Download Manager
Loader Droid Download Manager is one of the most demanding app for downloading files having remarkable feature of this download manager is that it automatically pauses the download in the failure of internet connection or slow internet speed. You can also resume the download process when the internet connection is recovered 😊
You can increase the download speed by parting the download files into many small chunks. Also, you can give time to your downloads. It also provides with a light and a dark theme and a speed booster option.
#6 Download Accelerator Plus

This download manager supports all formats of files, music, videos, documents and many more. Also, it supports web browsers such as, default Android browser, Chrome, Firefox, etc. The auto-resume option helps resume the downloading process which becomes interrupted due to poor connection and slow internet speed. The keen error handling feature prevents you to download threads interruption. You also have a pause and resume option here to pause and resume your downloading. 

#7 Fast Download Manager - Unbeatable Download Manager For Android
It has a built-in browser with the help of which you can browse on the internet and download whatever you want to download containing video, files, audio and many more. This download manager supports any browser, large files and is very steadfast. The user interface of this app is easy to understand and work on.

#8 IDM Download Manager
The unbeatable and very famous download manager since it has also its computer version existing and its high download speed is its main plus point. It supports HTML5, JavaScript etc. It provides with an combined Google search option to search for the video to download. Also, it comes with a live download progress bar which tells you about the downloading speed of the process you are downloading.

#9 Torrent Download Manager
Torrent download manager downloads files by piercing them into multiple portions and engaging many threading which greatly improve the download speed by approximately 5 times than the stock manager.
using this app, you can download torrents file, music, pictures, videos etc from the internet very easily. You have the option to resume interrupted downloading process by the resume option in this Torrent download manager app. In this application, you can use up to 15 parallel connections per download. Also, it provides magnet link support to download direct download the torrent file without download the torrent file into your system.

#10 Downloader & Private Browser
You can now download photos, videos, music etc using this app. It offers with a password protected folder where you can download your files into the password protected folder. If you talk about YouTube downloading to its not support the downloading of YouTube videos . It provides with a full-featured Chrome-like browser to browse on.

#11 Download Manager Accelerator
Download Android Accelerator overcomes maximum of the limits of the default download manager. It is reliable with pause, faster, and resume, scheduling downloads option and also option to download only when WiFi is present to save your mobile bandwidth. This application works good on your all android device. You can download this great download manager for android from your Google Playstore.

#12 Free Video Downloader for Android (FVD)
Free Video Downloader (FVD) is one of the most demanding download managers for android phones in 2019 as it has the ability to download video files on Android very easily. It allows you to download video files from any website straight to your Android smartphone or tablets.

#13 Download Blazer 

Download Blazer is one of the best android download managers in the new year. It is easy-to-use, a free download manager for your Android devices. It increases your download speed upto 3 times and makes your downloads more reliable with download resume support also. You can use this app on your Android by downloading from google play store for free.

#14 G-Download Manager 

This G-download manager is also very decent when you talk about the best download manager for android phone, you can get link gripping feature as well as an integrated file manager. Even now you can easily schedule your download using this download manager. One of the best part that it had like in this is its simple user interface.

#15 Super Download Manager

This Super Download Manager downloads files quicker and in a pointedly more suitable way than any browser. Use the built-in browser for web-surfing, visiting your beloved sites, and finding the files you want to download using this app. In this app you can get Full control on the Download files in background. Pause and resume downloads whenever you want. Get full information about each file and open it in your desired app.

#16 BitTorrent | Best Download Manager:

Wrap Up: These are the most demanding download managers for android for the year 2018-2019, which will surly increase your downloading speed with 5,6 times faster than any other downloading apps with keeping an organized record of your download history. Download these download managers and check which one suits you.
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