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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Top 3 online service providers to transfer large files

3 online service providers to transfer large files
Top 3 online service providers to transfer large files
After a stay abroad or a group outing, many people want to share their videos and photos with their loved ones. These files are usually very large, the task is unfortunately difficult. Instead of sending them to an external removable media and then lending it to your friends, it is best to offer the services of an online provider specializing in large file transfer. There are several, and all of course do not offer the same features and guarantees. Among them, enjoy our selection.

So today I will show you the how to send large files to your friends - best cloud storage for large files 2019. So, stay with me and let me know about the post at the end.

1 – WeTransfer
We Transfer - wetransfer Top 3 online service providers to transfer large files
In the list of the best ways to send large files, wetransfer is the first one. If we had to name only one online service provider for sending large files, it would definitely be WeTransfer. It was created in 2009 and is headquartered in Amsterdam. In its free version, it offers users the ability to transfer up to 2GB of documents (up to 20 documents per shipment), all without having to log in or register. There are two ways to do this:

Direct sending of the sharing link to their knowledge
Generating a link to share later manually

To ensure the confidentiality and security of user information and data, all files are protected by a powerful and efficient encryption algorithm.

2 - Firefox Send
Firefox send - Top 3 online service providers to transfer large files

As its name suggests, this service provider was created by Mozilla (the latter is known to have developed the Mozilla Firefox search engine). It is compatible with almost all browsers and allows users to save their files for a specific period. For those who wish to benefit from free 2.5 GB for sending their files, it is advisable to create a Firefox account before connecting to the platform. Otherwise, they will only have 1 GB at their disposal.

Firefox Send offers two security systems: end-to-end encryption and the use of a strong password. If you practice drop shipping for example and want to send photos of products to your customers, do not hesitate to use this service.

3 - FileMail
Filemail - Top 3 online service providers to transfer large files

Unlike the other providers mentioned above, FileMail offers users up to 50 GB to send their files. These are protected with encryption algorithms and remain available on the platform for a week (after this time, they are automatically destroyed).

Whether you want to create download links or send your documents by email, the features of FileMail will seduce you (you can add alerts, download directories, ...). Another particularity of this provider lies in the fact that it also offers browser extensions, application software for mobile and desktop, etc. For your information, FileMail was developed by Degree Consulting Group.

But that's not all, there are also excellent services that also allow you to transfer or share all your important files, among these we can mention:

1.     TransfertXL which offers you up to 100 GB free.
2.     TransferNow, the service allows you to send 4 GB per transfer as a guest user and 20 GB as a Premium members.
3., available in English.
4.     PlusTransfer,
5.     Sendtransfer which offers 10 GB free.

And above all without forgetting of course pCloud, one of the leading providers of cheap cloud storage, which also offers you to share for free up to 5 GB free without any registration elsewhere.

End word:

Quite simply, if you have big files to share with friends or colleagues, these three tools based on the web will be very useful. If you know of any other better tools, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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