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Friday, May 17, 2019

Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

Here are 5 best software for professional video editing

“Kaleemullahpro” has taken a look at some of the market's leading programs for video editing. What suits you and your needs best?
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

“We have put five of the market's major editing programs under the microscope. Some fit the beginner better, others the more ambitious user. What they have in common is that they are all updated to suit today's video needs, with everything the Internet and HD are called.”
So common, let’s start…!!!!

#1:- Ulead smart for the lazy
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

In this latest video package Videostudio 11.5 Plus, Ulead has invested in a solid support for hd video in all its forms.
When you start the program, you will be met by three choices:
            1.     Dv-to-DVD Wizard 
            2.     Movie Wizard
            3.     Video Studio Editor
The first choice clearly shows that Ulead has beginners as a target group. Dv-to-dvd Wizard lets you make a DVD directly from the material you just filmed. You pick out the parts from the band you want to include, make a possible chapter division and then it is just to burn. Smooth without a single clip.

If you want to make a slightly more advanced movie, select the Movie Wizard. Here you add your video from your hard drive or from a camera, choose a template from the template library and pang! Then you have your movie with graphics, text and music - completely automatic. Just choose to fill it out as a video file or on a disc. Really successful!

The problems appear when you want to cut your movie. Here it is difficult to get an overview of menus and thumbnails, and videos that you have refilled from your camera mix directly with templates and accompanying filling and decoration videos.

The timeline is an important part of any editing program. This is where you make clips and adjustments, and just that works very slow in Video Studio 11.5 Plus. In addition, it occasionally responds poorly to the mouse commands, which anybody can get spades off.

However, templates, transitions and effects are in abundance. It is very easy to adjust the white balance, saturation and contrast of each clip. On the plus side there is also excellent support for hd video. In addition to avchd video support, burning your hd artwork to blu-ray is very easy. In addition, the program can automatically refuel the movie to YouTube. Very practical.

The video studio is ideal for beginners who want the process from camera to web or DVD / Blu-ray to go automatically, and also for true HD enthusiasts - but for us others there are considerably better alternatives.

In simple words:
+ Excellent HD support, good for beginners who like automation.
- Saying, poor overview.

#2Pinnacle both smooth and fast
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate has a clear consumer-oriented approach. When unpacking the large lavish box, you get a first surprise in the form of a small green-screen . This can be used for various special effects, which opens up a world of possibilities.

The second surprise, an unpleasant one, came after the installation under Windows Vista. The program did not start, despite the sticker with the Vista logo on the packaging. After a lot of hassle and a long action list from Pinnacle's support page, the program was installed instead of Windows XP.

The program has a sober interface, easy to see. The menus and icons are clear. Pinnacle Studio is divided into Record, Edit and Create Movie. In the first mode, you download video footage from your camera. In the edit mode, which is the main mode, you create your wonders to then export the material to either disk, file, back to tape or web.

Downloading and exporting material works flawlessly. Pinnacle supports avchd and can export to hd, but in the current version there is no setting to burn to blu-ray disc.

Pinnacle studio 11 Ultimate's best site is editing. Here you will be happy how easy everything goes. Menus and icons are where you expect, working with the timeline is painless and the program analyzes the video material and divides it into sections depending on what is displayed. Finding parties that are too shaky or dark and sort them out is a children's game. However, the function becomes difficult if you import long video files, they take a long time to analyze.

This is a very competent and generous video editing tool. But we would like some ready-made settings for Blu-ray burning in the same way as for hd dvd, and for web publishing there is only Yahoo Video as an alternative. And who actually uses it?

In simple words
+ User friendly, quicker
- Incorrect installation, the export possibilities are more.

#3 Sony Vegas best for professionals
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

My first thought when I entered the Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum was: “How do I think about filing my movie from the camera?” Unlike most other programs in the test, Vegas Studio 8 Platinum is not as clearly divided between import, edit, and export. It has a more professional appearance.

The interface is the best looking of the test, and can be tailored to a great extent. In addition, the program supports work on multiple screens, which can greatly simplify the workflow.

Another detail is the lack of storyboard or a scene view. All other programs of the test can switch between one and a timeline mode, to simplify editing. Fortunately, you get plenty of help in the great step by step guide.

The editing bit in Vegas is very good, but for some reason you have set a limit on only four video tracks. Compared to Magix Movie Edit 14, which can run 99, it's a bit laughable.

Sony Vegas supports the common video formats and works happily with both hd video from your hdv camera and avchd encoded video. But it's only Sony's own avchd format that is fully supported. If you have a Canon camera with avchd recording, it does not work in Vegas Movie Studio 8.

For beginners there is a Make Movie shortcut to easily export your movie. Here you can choose between saving the movie to hard drive, burning to disk, publishing on the web (not Youtube directly without Sony's own Acidonline) or exporting to your Sony PSP or camcorder.

The export in Vegas is in itself nothing special - unless you choose to burn your movie to DVD. With Vegas 8, Sony DVD Architect Studio 4.5, an entire program follows only for DVD production! Generous. At present, there is no support for blu-ray, but recently, Sony presented an update to 5.0 which will allow burning movies also in HD.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 is a great option if you want to put power into the editing of your movie and finlira with details.
In simple words
+ Professional interface, great possibilities, included DVD studio
- Only four video tracks, limited avchd support

#4 Magix - a cut on mowing
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

When you start Magix Movie Edit 14 you have the opportunity to watch a video school that goes through the classic editing pieces. Good and easy to understand. The recording section works painlessly to capture video from a DV or HDV camera, and also offers a lighter cut in storyboard mode.

Next to the import button for your clips are buttons with effects, transitions, text tools and motion tools.

The text tool makes it easy to animate texts in a variety of ways, and with the motion tool you can easily create your own Ken Burns effects, that is, digitally pan and zoom in your material.

The clipping itself can be done either in a simplified scene view or in a timeline mode. This solution works well. You can place video and sound freely on the line without any problems, and it is easy to create and dimmers directly with the mouse.

One difference is that the tracks in Magix Movie Edit are not divided by audio and video. It gives some freedom. In addition, there is support for a full 99 video tracks, which enables advanced cutting.

If you want to make it easy for you, Movie-show Maker is available. Click on the icon, choose between a bunch of styles (how about "70s party" or "silent movie"?) - and you have a ready-packed film complete with the soundtrack. Fun for the beginner.

The export part is mainly adapted for DVD burning, but you can easily upload your movie on YouTube from the program. It will be harder if you want your movie as a mpeg file to transfer to your iPod or just have it on your computer. It requires online or telephone activation and you are forced to pay close to SEK 50 per codec. Stingy!

Magix offers a completely new editing package for both the beginner and the slightly more ambitious user. But it lacks a user-friendly interface and it annoys to have to pay extra for features that are obvious for video editing.
In simple words
+ The timeline and the cut itself
- You have to pay for important functions.

#5 The premiere is almost perfect
Top 5 best video editing software of the 2019

Premiere Elements 4 is the slimming little sibling of Premiere Pro. The clipping itself is very similar to the one in Premiere Pro. But Premiere Elements is a consumer program, which is clearly marked by three colorful main menus: Edit, Create Menus and Share. Under Edit, there are choices for retrieving media from the computer or cameras and sorting them, and icons with effects, transitions and titles. It is clear and the selection carefully balanced.

The effects are based on the same type as in Adobe Photoshop, and work very well. Unfortunately, the quality of the few themes that are not the best, and cannot match the automation of Ulead Video Studio or Magix Movie Edit.
One feature we like is Edit to the Beat. It makes it possible to analyze a music file on the timeline to automatically highlight markings on each beat. Then even the greenest of beginners can create a tight music video with clips in pace with the music. Funny!

Premiere Elements could have been praised at all points if it were not for one thing. The lack of support for avchd. Many new HD consumer cameras are based on avchd technology and if you own one, Premiere Elements is currently nothing to recommend. Adobe claims that it should be implemented in future versions.

In addition to the loss, the HD support works. Hdv is of course supported, and you can burn your movies to blu-ray and fill your movies in a variety of ways. One good thing is that it is easy to choose the right export since the Share menu has clear choices for mobile devices (many choices), online, tapes or discs. One crux though is that you need to activate some codec online, such as mpeg-2 and mpeg-4. Free but still annoying.

If you do not need an avchd, Premiere Elements is a clock for both beginners and more advanced users. It is easy to navigate, and the possibilities of creating professional productions are great. But the lack of support for the avchd format, as any other tested program supports, should allow you to check your equipment before purchasing Elements.
In simple words
+ Consistently excellent interface
- No avchd support!

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