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Sunday, May 26, 2019

Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Every Business

 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important For Every Business


It is the branch of marketing also called marketing in social media. It aims to create the right visibility for a company, business or public figure, through the use of Social Channels.

If well implemented, it is an extremely winning web marketing strategy that exploits the ability of social platforms and web applications to generate:

·        Interactions between users, also called engagement
·        Sharing, called social sharing
·        Assistance and support, defined as social caring
·        In order to increase the visibility and reputation of a brand or brand, increase its presence on the market and consequently business and profits.

Social media marketing is an extremely powerful medium. It allows companies, businesses, associations of any size and structure to build and maintain relationships with users on the various Social Channels.

This factor is extremely important because it allows, if well planned, to realize all those strategies that make the Customer or potential Client, the real protagonist of Communication.

Many companies, in fact, are using the different social platforms also for loyalty activities and the technical / commercial support before and after sales (Social Caring).
With the advent of the Web, there were initially only internet sites, then portals, aggregates and finally virtual communities were born.

4 Reasons Why A Company Should Be Present On Social Media
Here are the advantages that social media give to companies and the main reasons why every company cannot help but be there

Why should a company be present on social media? If the answer you are about to give is "because everyone is already there" know that you are partly right.

We know that the number of subscribers to the main social networks is constantly growing, that the average of active users is always more considerable and that if there is only one of our competitors who has decided to test the soil and is starting to reap the benefits perhaps it is appropriate to make a move.

At the beginning we talked about a partial truth because we would not be serious or professional on our part if we supported the need for all types of companies to be present on social media. This is a choice that must be made based on the type of audience, even if there is no doubt that if our ideal target is among the most active and present on social networks and we have not yet created even an account, then we are really risking losing. a precious opportunity. But what are the reasons why a company should be present on social media? Here are 4.

1. New customer support opportunities
Social customer service truly represents an important resource for companies as it allows them to promptly solve every problem of their customers and cultivate the relationship with them. Obviously, this is a delicate activity to carry out and that is why it is good to hire professionals who dedicate themselves to it with care and attention.

2. Direct relationship with customers
There is no doubt that social media is a preferential channel for talking directly with one's customers, but if this phase is not dealt with with due care, one really risks being burned. We must never underestimate the medium: we start this adventure only if we have the time and resources to do it; the customer will expect a smart and reactive company and if we are not up to his expectations, he will inevitably be disappointed.

3. Reduced costs compared to other marketing activities
Social media are essentially free channels: there is no need to pay a fee to sign up or to manage accounts or direct communication with users. However, given the great competition, there is no doubt that any company that decides to adopt a social media marketing plan must include and reserve a portion of its communication budget for paid listings. The organic visibility has greatly reduced and without such operations we will hardly be able to get ourselves noticed.

4. The benefits in terms of SEO
Now the positioning for search engines is no longer a matter of a few experts: SEO techniques and the same Google and companions have adapted to read much more data than just keywords or meta tags. The actions, the performance and in general the consideration enjoyed by a company on social media is part of the metrics that a search engine takes into account when deciding on the positioning of a site or content in the SERP. If we can therefore also make the most of social networks, the entire reputation of the company will benefit.

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