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Saturday, June 15, 2019

How to block incoming calls and messages in android

Top 15 Best Apps To Block Calls and Messages On Android 2019

The call is the single most accessible function for any mobile phone or smartphone devices with network capabilities and connection media. With the changing technology, management and the different functions of smartphone devices have also been changed to the next level and, as before, calls can be blocked, maintained, forwarded, etc. on smartphone devices.
How to block calls and messages on android 2019

Although there are thousands of applications to block calls on the Android platform, it could become difficult for users to find one of the potential applications and replace all these fake and non-functional applications. Keeping this in mind the need for users of call blocking applications, we have managed to list the best apps that fit their category. Just read the article now for the best call blocking apps for the Android platform!

Here are the apps that you can easily download and install in your Android mobile device. take a look at these applications described below to continue.

Top 17 Best Apps to Block Calls on Android 2019

# 1 Calls Blacklist - Blacklist
Calls blacklist

Calls Blacklist is both a call blocker and SMS filtering. It makes it easy to block calls and unwanted messages, private (hidden, anonymous) or from unknown numbers. If you're tired of unwanted calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and automated calls, "Calls Blacklist" is the answer. Simple to use and very light, this program is a very powerful call blocker.

# 2 Blacklist Plus
Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is an easy-to-use blocking caller. You can add to the blacklist, not only a contact or number from calls and messages from the logs, but also all of the phone numbers starting with certain numbers. All numbers in any format, can be added both black and whitelists. Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker. By using the whitelist and the different blocking modes, you will be able to precisely define the circle of people who can access you. The scheduling option will also allow you to set the hours you want the blocking enabled and will prevent unexpected night calls from disturbing you.

# 3 Safest Call Blocker
Safest Call Blocker

You can block any number from your contacts list, call log or add unwanted numbers manually. Use the check-in feature to view your blocked call history.

# 4 Mr. Number

Mr. Number makes it easy to block unwanted calls and identifies and stops spam, scams and fraud.
- Block calls and SMS * from a person, a region code or from all over the world
- Stop telemarketers and debt collectors before wasting time.

# 5 Call Blocker
Call blocker

Call Blocker can reject unwanted calls automatically. If you have been bothered by spam calls, or if you want to reject calls from anyone, then you just need to add the number to the blacklist and this app will do the task for you.

# 6 Avast Mobile Security 2018
Avast Mobile Security

This app is well known for its antivirus protection, but you can also use it to block any caller on your Android device.

# 7 Truecaller
True Caller

The well-known truecaller number tracking application can also be used to block and call by opening the caller's number and putting it into spam.

# 8 Caller ID & Call Blocker Free
Caller ID - Call Blocker

Caller ID & Call Blocker is the best application for identifying and blocking numbers, unknown callers. As a contact widget, Caller ID & Call Blocker functions as a mobile phone number, dialer and caller ID tracking tool.

# 9 Showcaller - Caller ID & Block
Show caller

Show Caller is the best app for identifying and blocking calls. It's the most accurate and easy-to-use caller ID app that can help you instantly identify incoming calls, not in your contact list. Show Caller identifies most unknown calls and displays detailed caller ID information on the incoming call, so you can see the names and photos of the callers.

# 10 Caller ID & Block by CallApp
Block My Call App

Using this app, you can easily block numbers and contacts, block unwanted calls from unknown numbers, identify robocalls and block caller ID automatically.

# 11 Hiya
Hiya Call Blocker

With Hiya, you can block calls, blacklist unwanted phone numbers and text messages. You can even reverse phone search for incoming call information. The best thing is, this app is used by millions of users around the world.

# 12 Call Control - Call Blocker
Call Controler

This is yet another reliable Android app that can block calls from spammers and robocallers. You can even block calls from anyone by adding them to the blacklist panel.

# 13 Should I Answer?
Should I Answer

Should I Answer is a free mobile security app that protects you from unsolicited, expensive, unwanted, or unknown calls. This app can automatically block calls from hidden numbers, block calls to overtaxed numbers, and more.

# 14 Blacklist Plus
Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is an easy to use call blocker. This call blocker also provides a range of options to handle blocking, such as the option to block hidden numbers, as well as the option to disable notifications and configure password protection.

# 15 Calls Blacklist
Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers. If you're tired of boring calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and robotic calls, then Calls Blacklist is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight, but powerful call blocker.

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