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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Top 5 Most Dangerous Apps For Android in 2019

Top 5 Most Dangerous Apps For Android In 2019

60.3% of potentially harmful applications (dangerous Android applications) were identified by machine learning. The Google-designed service called Google Play Protect is activated on more than 2 billion devices and regularly scans Android apps for malicious activity. So if you are worried about the which software/app can harm your mobile so stay with me :)

The service uses several tactics to identify security threats, but machine learning has been particularly effective in locating PLHIV. In fact, 6 out of 10 detections were due to machine learning.

Play Protect has been running for several years, but in October 2017, the service was optimized to look for harmful applications offline. However, even if Google reconfigures and distributes updates, harmful apps, which violate privacy, continue to appear exponentially. Here is a list of dangerous Android apps and it is best to delete immediately.

5 Dangerous Android Apps

1. Camera360 camera tool promises to add multiple modes, exclusive filters, free cloud storage, facial recognition software, real-time "touch-ups" and more ad-free features. Although it does not have ad targeting libraries, it does collect a lot of information about your device and also contains the built-in Baidu search engine. Baidu is the Google equivalent of China and for some inexplicable reason, it has the ability to activate and deactivate your WiFi via this application.

2. Clean Master Clean Master app and other similar apps are not necessarily "dangerous". While they may be able to help fix a fake application, it's best to check your applications one by one to identify exactly which application is causing the problem. Generally, these applications erase your cache, which accumulates quite quickly and it is better to leave it alone if it does not pose a problem. Some of these apps also contain adware that can get deep inside your phone. Even when ads are not a problem, "cleaning" apps tend to drastically deplete the battery and life of your phone.

3. My Talking Tom application is a children's game in which you have to take care of a kitten, but it is an extremely dangerous Android application. It includes eight targeted ad libraries and also transmits the sound of advertisers from your microphone. This is particularly disturbing as it is a children's game.

4. Draw Something Classic is another dangerous Android apps and harmful apps that I found on Play Store. This application is essentially a remote version of Pictionary to which you can play with friends. While entertaining, it includes several advertiser libraries (which are third-party code fragments of other developers that app creators can use to allow advertisers to follow you in applications that include its library). It also uses the "Read Phone Status and Identity" permission to allow advertisers to access your phone number, call log, signal information, your carrier, and more.

5. WiFi Map - Free Passwords and Hotspots
A cyber-security company has identified several applications with a malicious advertising program called LightsOut. These harmful apps "generate illegal advertising revenue" by causing users to view and click on ads displayed on their devices. Check Point adds, "As some users have noted, they have been forced to pressure ads to answer calls and perform other activities on their device." These harmful apps include apps that claim to offer free WiFi keys / identifiers, hotspots, speed analyzers and boosters, network gatekeepers, etc. Some of these applications include the main WiFi key, the free WiFi connection, WiFi Master Security - WiFi Analyzer, Speed ​​Test, Free WiFi Pro, Network Protection and Free Smart WiFi.

Last Words:
According to the survey in 2018-2019 These apps are considered as the most dangerous software for Android phones. If I missed anyone please comment in the below comment. Thanks for reading Enjoy.

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